A seedless mandarin that is yellow in complexion. It has exceptional cold-hardiness and is well suited for processing for juice and the segments are especially appropriate for canning in syrup.
ALG Estates Satsuma Citrus Fruit
Ha: 5
Weeks: 13 - 14
Total Volume: 120
Available Volume: 0


It maintains quality over a extended periods which makes it possible to for the fruit to be harvested later. It has a beautiful external quality and the fruit is known to be larger than other clementine varieties.
ALG Estates Quality Clemintines
Ha: 35
Weeks: 17 - 25
Total Volume: 700
Available Volume: 175


The fairchild is famous for its beautiful colour and firm condition. It has many of the clementines characteristics and of shape, rind texture and colour, though it tends to be smaller. The flesh is juicy and tender.
ALG Estates Fairchild Tangerines
Ha: 7
Weeks: 17 - 22
Total Volume: 180
Available Volume: 18


ALG registered the name Scarlet in 1996 due to the exceptional quality produced in our valley. This is a handsome, highly coloured fruit having one of the deepest reddest colour of any citrus variety.
ALG Estates Scarlets
Ha: 10
Weeks: 24 - 25
Total Volume: 180
Available Volume: 30


Cross Duncan grapefruit and Dancy tangerine. Large in size, the fruit has inherited some traits from both parents. The shape is round, with a pronounced and distinctive neck.
ALG Estates Minneolas Growers
Ha: 6
Weeks: 27 - 30
Total Volume: 200
Available Volume: 150